Affordability of Higher Education

opic: Affordability of Higher Education

This assignment is in preparation for the Module/Week 6 exercise which will be a detailed exploration of multiple sides of your chosen topic. For this Debate Topic Overview, provide the following items in a 1-page paper: a general description of the topic, the types of institutions that are impacted the most by this issue, and the characteristics of students most affected by this issue.

For example, your topic might be the decline in state support for higher education. While this can impact all institutions in your own state, it probably affects students the most who attend public institutions that rely on state appropriations for a sizable portion of their budget. The characteristics of students most affect in this example might be first generation and low income students because there could be a greater risk that they do not receive as much financial aid. In this example, the student would submit a one page overview with sufficient background information about these three items.

This assignment must reflect current APA style, which includes, a title page, an abstract, and a reference page.