ahs 7650 week 3 assignment

Review the scenario (The Case of Jason): The Case Study of Jason.docx

Please complete a 2-4 page paper.

Your paper should include*:

  • Briefly describe the terms “risk” and “protective” factors
  • Describe four of Jason’s risk and corresponding protective factors
  • Describe four of the family’s risk and corresponding protective factors
  • Describe three community and environmental risk and protective factors
  • Describe specific social policy issue(s) that are relevant for Jason’s case study?
  • Briefly describe what an administrator should be mindful of when creating programs that could benefit Jason and his family

*Although there is information provided this week about risk and protective factors, you may also want to go back and review the resources about risk and protective factors that were introduced in Week 1.

Please make sure that your paper is written in the appropriate APA format, including specific references to the learning resources used in its preparation.