air traffic controller

Write a 12 font, double spaced, 8 page research paper on the subject of this paper must cover a topical and timely and major issue regarding Air Traffic Control domestic or here in the US. Examples of acceptable topics include FAA funding and policy, ATC issues at specific airports or airspace, NTSB accidents involving air traffic control (all topics are first approved by Professor Torres). 

Research on topic should include any applicable theories covered in the class and any applicable stats/facts/figures (Apply CRITICAL Thinking).  A case study of an air traffic control issue domestic or international is to include current issues that they face along with the applicable to data on these topics.

Utilize APA manuscript style including format, appropriate reference citations in text, and in reference list: (Typed, double spaced, 1″ margins, and appropriate pagination, Title Page, Table of Contents, and APA level headings). The page requirement is for the body of your paper and does not include ancillary pages such as title page, works cited, charts or pictures.  Any paper not submitted in current APA style will not be accepted. 

Use scholarly, peer reviewed sources (not Wikipedia).   Be sure to follow the grading rubric to ensure maximum points for your work.  Upon completion of your paper, please submit it through Canvas as a WORD Document by the Due Date.. Please note that assignments submitted in ANY other form or fashion will NOT be graded.  Papers submitted after Due Date will lose 10 points per day – 10 points per day up to 50%.  Time management and adhering to directions are learned skills and objectives in this course.  No extra credit is available.



Google sites only , in-text ciations. Free of plagirism , simple words