Amazon Alexa Marketing Plan

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Amazon Alexa Marketing Plan

Please read the Smart Speaker file. Every marketing plan must include a section showing how the company will use marketing communications. The question is not whether to communicate, but rather what to say, to whom, how to say it, how often, and which promotional tools to use. You are responsible for planning integrated marketing communications for Amazon’s Echo (Alexa). Review the strategies you previously documented in the marketing plan for the targeting, positioning, branding, product management, pricing, and distribution of the Echo. Now use your knowledge of communications to answer these questions:

  • Understanding Marketplace

1)How did the Amazon become the dominant competitor in online-retailing industry?

2)What sources of competitive advantage were Amazon able to develop to support their growth?

3)Where were/are they vulnerable?

4)How can Amazon avoid competitive myopia?

2. Designing Customer driven strategy

  • Please provide a detailed description of the typical customer in terms of key demographic, lifestyle, geographic and product use behaviors.
  • Choose one targeting strategy from 4 types below and support your decision.
  • Please write your project company’s positioning statement.

3. 4P Implementation plans


  • Analyze the 3 levels of Alexa’s product/services (Figure 8.1).
  • The process that leads to consumers’ adoption of an innovation is illustrated in Figure 8.5. Which step is the most critical one for your company?
  • Which marketing efforts are essential to move forward from there?


  • Amazon can choose between three broad strategies: a skimming price, penetration pricing, and trial pricing. Compare and contrast three pricing strategies in terms of pros and cons.


  • Compare and contrast the three distribution strategies (Intensive/Selective/Exclusive distribution) of your choice of product/service, giving examples of products that might be distributed through each strategy


  • What audience(s) should Alexa target in its integrated marketing communications plan?
  • What image should Amazon seek to create for its first Alexa product?
  • What objectives are appropriate for Alexa’s initial communications campaign?
  • What message design and communication channels are likely to be most effective for the target audience?
  • Which promotional tools would be most effective in Alexa’s promotional mix? Why?
  • How should Alexa decide the amount to allocate to its marketing communications budget