amazon case study 6

Please use ONLY the material in the case. No outside information (news articles, internet material, etc) is needed NOR SHOULD BE CONSULTED when developing your case brief. This is an individual assignment though you may discuss some ideas with the other students in the class, it is expected each student will do their own analysis and writing.

Please address the following issues in your report on the Amazon Case: (Max 3 single spaced pages for the report please). 20 pts total

1) Based on Amazon at the end of the case, what is the firm’s business model? You may want to refer to Exhibit 5.10 as a framework for discussing this answer. (5pts)

2) From the description of competitors provided, which one do you see as the biggest threat that Bezos needs to pay attention to and why? (5pts)

3)Amazon continues to spend billions in its diversification efforts. Do you think these investments contribute to Amazon gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage? Please explain your answer. (10pts)