American Online High School Unit 5 The Judicial Branch Project

Section A

In this unit, you learned about the Judicial Branch of the United States Government, and the Supreme Court of the United States sometimes referred to as SCOTUS for short. For this  project, you will investigate the court’s systems more closely by selecting one of the following options: 

Option A – Explain the concept of judicial review. Give an example of one court case that involved judicial review and how it was used in that case. This should be an essay of at least 400 words. Be sure to cite your court’s page.

Option B – Compare the U.S. Supreme Court with the other two courts in the U.S. federal court system. Either write a 400-word essay or use a one-page table or chart to complete this assignment. Don’t forget to cite your sources.

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Part 3- Go to the Colorado Judicial Branch’s website at and click on the

Go to the Colorado Judicial Branch’s website at and click on the Supreme Court. Going into the case announcements, find a case from any of the years listed to analyze. You will not know what the cases are about until you click on them individually; choose one at random, or choose one that interests you. Then write a short 150-word summary of the case you read. Don’t forget to cite your case number.