American Studies , history homework help

Part I. Essay

Please answer ONE of the following sets of questions in a concise but well-developed essay (about 3-5 pages double-spaced should do) that incorporates evidence from the primary documents, the assigned chapters in The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and lectures.

You will be graded on how well you engage with the question and how clearly you explain your argument. There is no set “correct” answer to these questions. You have to look at the materials I have provided you with and create your own answer.

YOU SHOULD USE ONLY THE SOURCES FROM THE CLASS (including the linked textbook if you choose). Use of outside sources may result in an automatic C and, if not cited, F on the paper.

For citations to written documents, please use the following format: (Author Name, Page #). There is no need to cite my lectures.

In the following question sets, the first (in bold) question is the main one you must answer. The remaining questions are designed to help you answer the question in a logical manner. Failure to address them may result in lost points.

How did the Revolution transform the nature of power in American society and culture? Who did the Revolution empower? How did the Revolution encourage other groups of people to challenge their authority? By the end of Reconstruction (1870s), were those groups of people successful? Why or why not?

Which side in the Civil War (Union or Confederacy) more closely resembled the Founding Fathers’ vision of the United States? (both or neither are acceptable answers). What kind of society did most Founding Fathers imagine that America would become? What kind of society was celebrated by the Union? What kind of society was celebrated by the Confederacy? Was either side successful in eradicating the vision of the other?

I have included 2 chapter readings to help answer the question.