American University Personal Plan For Stress Reduction Journal Summary

  1. What have you learned about how you display stress in physical symptoms, emotional symptoms and behavioral symptoms? How can early recognition of stress symptoms help you manage stress?
  2. After completing Assignment #1Your Personal Experience with Stress, you should have a better understanding of the dimensions of wellness and where you are, in terms of each dimension. Please list and describe the dimensions of wellness that you want to focus on developing further. Review the course material and describe which techniques you would use to develop those specific dimensions of wellness.
  3. Review the characteristics of a Hardy Personality. Use your textbook and blackboard notes. When you look at the characteristics of the Type A personality, are there characteristics that you want to modify or change in your own personality? For the Hardy Personality type, which characteristics and attributes associated with hardiness would you like to develop? When reviewing Workbook Exercise 8.12, what inner resources or “muscles of the soul” would you like to develop further?
  4. After reviewing your journal, what did you notice in terms of:
  • Values Clarification – What do you value? What are your priorities?
  • Use of Time – Does your use of time reflect what you value? How does your use of time complement or inhibit your values and goals?
  • Self-talk – Is your self-talk negative?  Are your thoughts illogical or irrational?
  • Spiritual Enrichment – How do you satisfy your soul?

                                            How do you discover and nourish your deepest self? 

Based upon the textbook and course material, how could you improve in these areas?