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  • Now that you have read Amy Tan’s “Half and Half”, please watch the following interview:Amy Tan – Writing from Personal Experience (Links to an external site.)Amy Tan - Writing from Personal Experience
  • In your post, please reflect on the relationship between Rose and her mother. How do these characters foil each other? How are they similar and different? What does the bible, the beach, and the inner tube symbolize in the story? What is the theme of the story? How does this interview with Amy Tan influence your analysis of the story as a part of a larger novel, The Joy Luck Club?
  • Please quote from the story and interview at least once in your response with proper in-text citations and Works Cited entry beneath.
  • When quoting from literature or an interview, make sure you smoothly integrate your quotes into your sentences and provide in-text citations afterward. A sentence in your post might look like this: Rose struggles with her mother’s understanding of faith and recollects her mother’s opinion that “it was faith that kept all these good things coming our way” (Tan 2020).
  • For each discussion post, please read and respond to at least two of your classmates in letter format. Write him/her a reflective response, expand on one of their ideas, ask a question, politely disagree, add a new point, etc. This will create a “discussion.” Also, remember that your original discussion must be at least 300 words.