an analysis of cumberland metal industries case

5 pages of report. Outline the main issues of the case and layout the specifics. Once you define the problem, provide recommendations of what you would recommend Cumberland Metal should do in relation to pricing. In preparing your write-up, consider the following questions:

1. What’s your price for the curled metal pads? Why?

2. How much do you think one of these pads is worth to a customer? Do the test data tell

you anything about that? Explain.

3. How big is this market? What kind of an opportunity is this for Cumberland?

4. Does your price affect how much of the market you’ll get? Explain.

5. Is it more important to make high profits or to build market share? Explain.

6. Who has to say “yes’ before you sell a CMI pad? Would any of these parties like to see curled metal pads fail? Why?

7. How are you going to market these pads? Describe in detail the channel members, influencers, and others, and explain your plan.

8. If the risk in a marketing plan can be described by technological uncertainty and market uncertainty, or knowing whether your product works and knowing what the customer needs, how does CMI pad stack up on these dimensions?