analyses then write a paper


1) Read the chapter titled “From Ethnic Conflict to Genocide”. It is attached here, but you can also find it on my website (the below link):

2)Then watch Men Against Fire on Netflix (Black Mirror season 3, episode 5).

If you don’t have a Netflix account you can get a free account for one month on Netflix website. Also, you can organize a group and watch this with other students using their Netflix account.

3)Start writing

A) In the first paragraph, from the reading, summarize the explanations for individuals participation in acts of violence (At least 150 words)

B) In the second paragraph, apply these explanations (or the theoretical frameworks) and analyze the episode (At least 300 words).

when you are writing the second part, think about your responses to questions like:

  • How does a normal person like the soldier in the episode become the perpetrator of ethnic cleansing?
  • What are other dynamics that facilitate their acts of violence?
  • How do they justify and rationalize their behavior?

The Holocaust and other cases in the reading provide you with good examples of how to apply a theory to explain a behavior/case.

4) Be prepared to participate in a class discussion about this.

The assignment should be typed in 12pt/Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1” margins on all sides.