analysis of a secondary source choose a secondary article from the readings in units 9 pohl 10 lunde or 7 lester answer the questions in the attached file please use only one of the three secondary articles listed above about secondary so 1

Analysis of a secondary source. Choose a secondary article from the readings in units 9 (Pohl), 10 (Lunde), or 7 (Lester). Answer the questions in the attached file. Please use only one of the three secondary articles listed above.

  • About Secondary Source Analysis Assignments: The secondary source analysis assignments will present you with questions that you must answer based on your reading of the secondary sources (scholarly articles) in our modules. You will complete the questions, save them, and then upload or copy and paste them into Canvas. Please be sure to submit your assignment on time, otherwise Canvas will not permit you to turn in the assignment. You will complete 2 of secondary source analysis assignments during the semester. The due dates for these assignments are listed in the weekly assignment lists. Be sure to provide an ample amount of analysis and interpretation of the secondary articles, as you will be graded on your overall understanding of the work of these scholars.Again, NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted. Exceptions can be made only for verifiable family or medical emergencies. (Note the term “verifiable” in that sentence, it’s important.)
  • ANALYZING A SECONDARY SOURCE1. Who is this author and what are his/her credentials? (you may have to do a little research here)
    2. Who are the key people in this article?
  • 3. What are the key events?
    4. What are the key subjects?
  • 5. Is this article based on primary sources, other secondary sources, or both? Explain. 6. Name one primary source the historian uses and explain how the historian uses it.
  • 7. What is the main argument or thesis?
  • 8. How does the writer build her/his argument?
  • 9. How would you critique or question this argument?