analyst report about a specific company that i will provide

Individual Analyst Report Project

• Write up: Each student will compile an analyst report on a company of their choice from the list that I will provide. Analyst report should have an executive summary which will include forecasted financial statements for one year ahead as well as estimated long-term growth projections. The executive summary should be supported by a detailed analysis of a company’s performance and explanations of how the analyst expectations were developed. The analyst report has to have a section for each of the topic covered in class: 1) executive summary; 2) business and strategy analysis, 3) accounting analysis 4) financial (ratio) analysis, 5) prospective analysis (forecasting); This section should have -a well thought through analysis supported by calculations and exhibits. I expect that the length of your report should be around 10 pages; however, length is less important than the quality of your analysis. Please note that rules with respect to appropriate citations of others work apply here (see above), especially with respect to the references of published analyst reports.