analytical policy recommendation image and audio script presentation

The final assignment will be an analytical policy recommendation on an international/foreign policy issue. It will take the form of a three-part multimedia presentation to a decision maker who has to determine the policy on this issue.


There are three components to this multimedia presentation:

1. The image and audio presentation (due Week 6);****

Part 1: Image and Audio Presentation (Due Week 6):

The goal is to provide an overview and background information regarding your issue. Think of this part as setting the stage, or creating some buzz for your final assignment. Avoid going into your specific policy recommendations in Week 6; you will do that in a later assignment. Focus on establishing the current policy and discussing the reasons for change. You will accomplish this by describing the current policy and the reasons for change through a presentation of relevant images with audio description (5 minutes in length). Please do not go over the 5 minute length limit. You will lose points if you cannot keep the audio to under 5 minutes – and it will be difficult to upload the file in the classroom if it is too long.

This part of the presentation should consist only of images that represent the main points or themes you will discuss, and the accompanying audio should depict the “story” you want to communicate through those images. You will submit the images with audio, and a written script. Pull the images and audio together by using Screencast-o-Matic or any other video-making program. The resulting file should be an .mp4 file extension. It’s easiest to set up a PowerPoint presentation that you control from your screen – and then use Screencast-o-Matic’s features to record your audio as you move through the slides. The final product will be a video.

Please submit the transcript in a Word document in the Assignment folder Week 6. Then upload the video to the Media Gallery tab on the left side of the classroom. Remember, it should be 5 minutes and no more or else it will be difficult to upload. Make sure that you upload these parts of the assignment:

1. The image presentation with audio in .mp4 video and

2. A written script of your verbal presentation.*****

Please label your files as follows: LastName.FirstName.Week6Assignment (note: is it very important to include your name!)

Some questions to consider:

  • Statement of purpose – Why is the decision-maker being asked to consider a policy change at this time?
  • Review the Current Policy – What are we currently doing, why are we doing it this way, what is the public’s perception of the policy? Assess how well it is or is not working.
  • Statement on the Necessity for Change – What circumstances (e.g., changes in government, leadership, stability, etc.) have changed that make a new approach advisable or necessary?
  • You do not have to limit the policy to something that is occurring in US foreign policy. You could take the view of another state or non-state actor, or you could take a global view from an IGO like the United Nations.

WARNING: Do not use PowerPoint with embedded audio to make this presentation. It will not load properly in the classroom because the file is too big. PowerPoint will not load in the Media Gallery because the file extension is not allowed. If you get stuck, please let me know right away.