annotated bib 11

The primary purpose of this assignment is to help you learn about the reading and writing practices in a profession that you may be joining in the future.

What kinds of writing do people in this field of work do? What audiences do they write to? What unfamiliar genres may you need to learn as you enter this field? What are the most important principles of writing in this field – concision? Clarity? Depth of research? The credibility of sources? Etc.

A secondary aim is to synthesize : appealing to your audience, rhetorical awareness, researching, writing, and analyzing in your field. From the last two projects, you have identified experts in your field, researched rhetorical moves and strategies for writing documents used for successful advocacy, and practiced both audience awareness and rhetorical analysis. We will use all of these skills in this third project.

Choose a career field or academic discipline that is of interest for you and:1) Conduct research on the genres, conventions, and practices of writing in the field. Compose an Annotated Bibliography with the key resources you’ve found. (Here, we have already chosen business consulting as our targeted area, so please conduct the research and looking for sources of this area.)

Annotated Bibliography of key texts:

Include an Annotated Bibliography with citations and annotations for your key sources (3-4). Your annotations should include at least 3 paragraphs for each source – the first should summarize the source, the second should analyze the significance of the source’s findings, and the third should synthesize how this source fits into the conversation with the other sources about this topic. Use APA citation format.

I already found some sources here:


Please read the instruction carefully, the focus should be the writing skills/genre/moves/steps in consulting field, but not to explain what is consulting or what does the consultant do