answer 5 questions about cbre finance realty

The Rise and Fall of CBRE Realty Finance

CBRE Realty Finance went public in 2006 as a specialty finance company formed as a REIT for tax purposes. It was, essentially, a mortgage REIT with a broad mandate. Your assignment is to analyze the company’s arc from initial capital formation (pre-IPO) to its ultimate delisting and name change. In discussing your broad analysis of what happened to this company, you should focus (though not exclusively) on:

  1. Sources and uses of capital: Pre-IPO; IPO; during its life.
  2. What were the investments?
  3. What worked/didn’t work and why. Bottom line: why did the company fail?
  4. Why was this REIT unsustainable: Investment choices? Management? Market? Can you recommendany changes that might have resulted in a different outcome?
  5. You should discuss whether the business model makes sense and why similar companies succeed or fail.

*please use bullet points

*make sure its CBRE Realty Finance, not CBRE Groups