answer the following question clearly and in details 1

– Run the Grammarly Premium report, including the plagiarism tool, with the following “goals”:

Knowledgeable Audience

Formality Formal

Domain Technical

Tone Analytical

Intent Convince

Second: Read the paper and take your notes on what you believe the author is saying. Were they successful? What questions did the paper make you ask?

Third: Read the paper again, with (in word) (Toolbar) Track Changes-ON, and make your comments from this second reading and any editing suggestions on the paper (edits will appear as track changes. For a note to the author, you will need to click “New Comment”

Fourth: Use the RISE Model of Peer Evaluation (attached, back two pages) to formulate CONSTRUCTIVE feedback and additional critique. Note the BOLD text is the preferred response from you; the second line represents behavior on the reviewers part that does not meet expectations.

Fifth: using the outlined measurement tool (rubric) of desired performance, check off your assessment for each item identified. Absent of a notation in the performance column will be interpreted as the item is not found, OR the reviewed didn’t make the effort to consider.