Answer the following questions

1.Tell whether you would classify Romulus and Remus as “heroes”. Perhaps you would
call one brother more “heroic” than the other. Make sure to tell your reasons for your

2.Tell why you think it would be important to the Romans for Mars, the God of War, to be
the alleged father of Romulus and Remus. Tell whether there are any other elements of
war that tie into the story.

3.Children being raised by animals is not just common in mythological stories. This motif
is found in many other stories as well. Tell why you think it is important that Romulus
and Remus are saved by the she-wolf. What does this tell you about them or their future?

4.Feuding brothers is common in stories, folk tales, and myths from around the world. Tell
why you think having a pair of arguing brothers in the story makes it more compelling.
Tell why you think the Romans enjoyed the story of the feuding brothers. What does it
add to the story?

Answer these questions,please!