answer the question in requirements section 9

Select a policy topic from below and write a 15-page research paper that must include the following:

  • Discuss what the policy is and what the future implications are of the policy.
  • Discuss if the policy should be implemented, and why? (or if it is implemented, should it continue and why?) Give three reasons why it should be passed.
  • Identify and discuss in detail the implications of the passage of legislation.
  • Discuss the strengths and weakness of the policy
  • Discuss in detail what political factors lead to the passage (or rejection) of this policy?
  • Identify and discuss in detail the reasons why the legislation should be passed and why it should not be passed?
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of people needed to support your policy to get it passed or were instrumental in getting it passed.
  • Discuss in detail the legal and ethical aspects that pertain to your policy.
  • Discuss what you have learned from this assignment and how you will apply it moving forward.


Work must be 15 FULL pages(Excluding cover and reference pages) single spaced, 12 font Times New Roman and APA format. The cover and reference page must be on separate pages with at least 20 reputable sources.You should have at least one in text citation for every reference and try to use reference other than or in addition to the uploaded textbook. Must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference.