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Describe the leadership values and ethical responsibility you find to be essential in a healthcare leader? Explain why those traits are essential? What ethical values would drive your leadership as a first-line supervisor at Anywhere Medical Clinic? Why?

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What ethical values drive leadership? Those who are involved in public planning and response must consider healthcare ethics. The key is the ability to manage the needs of every population, especially those who are considered the most vulnerable and in need during a time of crisis. Vulnerable populations include those who are older, have a disability, are very young, or are poor; those with limited education; and those who might have limited English language proficiency. Consider the ethical challenges of managing a complex emergency when there are limited resources. The idea that ethical conduct of agencies engaged in public health and safety might seem like a straightforward notion at first glance. Yet, in practice the age-old temptations of politics, bias (whether conscious or unconscious), money, power, and the influence of friends or relatives can interfere. One misstep can turn into a slippery slope. True ethical leadership occurs when a leader always takes the moral high ground at all times.