apa style paper 33

Part 1: ( 2- 3 Paragraphs only)

Who should decide when a healthcare procedure is medically necessary: the doctor who is treating the patient, or the health insurance company who is paying the bill? What are the moral and ethical issues concerning the insurance company making these decisions, which are driven by cutting healthcare costs and making a profit?

Part 2:

Currently, individual health insurance plans and policies are much more expensive and may not offer the same services as group insurance. However, in most states, the law does not allow people to form a group for the purpose of getting health insurance.

For this assignment, you will write a one- to two-page paper in APA Style format with at least two references outlining your ethical justification for the following items:

Should individual policies cost the same as group policies?

How should the financial responsibility be handled for insurance coverage?

Justify your position for at least two of the following options:

Citizens should hold the sole financial responsibility of insurance coverage.

Employers should fully cover all employees’ insurance cost with the employee paying nothing.

Employers should cover the employee’s insurance cost with the employee paying a portion.

The government should be responsible for providing insurance coverage for all citizens.