APC Reducing Community to The Periphery Through Law & Racialization Discussion

Assignment 1: Reducing Community to the Periphery through Law

You need to write at least 250 words and 3-4 Works Cited from different sources found in Module or Reading Log or Other Academic Site.

In chapter 1 of City of Inmates(I attached the book), Lytle-Hernandez provides us historical perspective of the development of California from the Tongva people to the American occupation of California.

Briefly discuss the rationale for using the indigenous population in California and Los Angeles to build pueblo and city of Los Angeles. This spans from the Spanish moment through the Mexican period right through American occupation.

Explain how the rationale is used to pass laws that target specific groups. What does social conditions create in a society?

Assignment 2: Laws and Racialization

You need to write at least 150 word.

1. Describe one significant law that you found most damaging to Mexican and Mexican-American communities in the American Southwest. Explain the law and what about the law made you choose it for discussion.

2. Describe the reasoning for leaving Mexico and travel to the United States in the 19th Century (not the 20th century). Read Chapter 1 from Becoming Mexican American.

You can download the book(Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945) for free by following this link