apple company innovation products risk

Our team has to write a research report on making an investment recommendation of a publicly traded company (the company we chose is Apple). And I have to write a three page essay on the following question:

Instructions: If your selected company is in an innovation oriented (e.g. TMT and internet) sector, are they being innovative enough to stay with or surpass their competition? Discuss new or promising products and the key risks associated with it.

Remember to include a work cited page.

Here are some of my opinions on how to write the paper, first, you can do some analysis on innovation part, and you can compare the r&d spending data, cpu data, screen data, response time data of apple and its competitors (maybe you could do a chart). Meanwhile, you should discuss the new product (for example, iphone 11 & iphone 11 pro, newest version of macbook, apple watch or airpods. What are their technology advantages? unique CPU?operating system, User interactive, AI..) , and the risk associated with the products. Our research report is focusing on the investment of Apple, therefore, after talking about risks, you have to write how will apple deal with these risks, why we still choose to invest on Apple company? Lastly, you better search online if apple makes any annoucement about future plan, any innovation (for example 5G)?