argument paper essay

#3 Argument Paper- should be a synthesis of the first two papers plus a lengthy conclusion explaining why you think your solution to the problem, or why an existing solution to the problem works best. Explain why the opposing argument to yours does not work or solve the issue. Maybe there is no solution to the problem yet- if so, state this fact. Ask the reader to posit their own opinion by giving two or more new resources/sourcesas guidelines for future reference. Re-state your thesis in a different way, summarize your stance and the affirmative points of your argument. Make a strong ending statement which calls the reader to action. Be passionate!!

  • In this assignment you will be asked to write an essay that focuses on the components of classic argument. Student will propose two sides of an argument, equally weighted, and then defend his/her position for one side and against the other. Three online source minimum, APA documentation required.