argumentative essay 200 words


Some of you have written to me to clarify what are vocational & non vocational reasons of education. Vocational reasons of education refer to reasons related to work; non vocational reasons for education refers to reasons not related to work – they can be academic [ie. the wish to push forward the boundaries of knowledge, or to develop the culture & knowledge base of a country], they can be personal [ie. the joy & fulfilment of studying, the opportunity of doing research in another country, meeting people from different countries].

Some subjects are vocational [eg. Engineering, accountancy, management/ business studies], whereas others are not [history, philosophy, literature, theology, the pure sciences]. However it is possible to study a vocational subject [eg. Engineering] & gain the personal & academic qualities from going to university listed above.

Vocational & non vocational reasons may be a good way to think of your 2 body paragraphs making your case for tomorrow.

On the counterargument side, remember the formula for the topic sentence [although many people think…]. Just state one reason for it. Do not elaborate it, BUT remember to attack it. Before your final concluding remark [likely in this case to be a recommendation] you can use the link word ‘consequently’ or ‘therefore’ or even ‘as a result’.