art 111 assignment

This assignment has 3 parts; be sure to complete the chapter before beginning this assignment. Review the sample assignment on Moodle, and review the assignment rubric.

Part I:

Bjarke Ingels is an architect who believes in the idea of “architectural alchemy”. He believes that, historically, architecture has either been naively utopian or petrifyingly pragmatic. He wants to design buildings that are “socially, economically and environmentally perfect places”. Watch the following video (18 min) of his lecture on, and tell the class if you think he succeeds. Please explain your opinion and provide specific examples of his work to support your opinion.

Bjarke Ingels: Three Warp Speed Architectural Tales (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Part II:
Research a city you have always wanted to visit for an example of “green” architecture or more environmentally aware architecture *.

Post a photo of the structure along with some basic details of how it is more environmentally aware, as well as being good architecture. Be sure to cite your information.
Remember, this isn’t just about sustainability, but a combination of environmental awareness and creative design!

Part III:

Post a meaningful response to a classmate’s post.

* If you simply search “green architecture” you’ll get lots of information about a company named Green Architecture. To broaden your search, consider using other terms (environmental , sustainable, etc.)

Deadline: 11/18/2019 by 9:00 PM

Here’s what I’m grading you on:

Rubric: Levels of Achievement




Needs Work

Part I

15 points

Strongly states and supports opinion on Ingels success or failure as an architect. w/examples

States opinion on Ingels success or failure but needs more support.

Either opinion is not stated or is not supported.

Part II

(35 points)

Clear, properly sized and labeled image. Clear, concise description of environmental awareness in the building; properly cited.

Image present; description of environmental awareness; cited.

No image or pixilated image, extremely large image; no citation or improper citation.

Part III (10 points)

Meaningful response to a classmate that elevates the conversation.

Responds to classmate, or asks a question.

Simply comments with “good post” or fails to comment at all.

60 points total.