art and criminal justice assignement

Part 1

This time you must research 3 different Japanese Gardens by looking at the information on their websites. Compare and contrast the structures and materials used to create the gardens, but do not include any info for tourists such as admission or tours. That is not relevant to our study of Asian Art.

Philadelphia Japanese Garden (Links to an external site.)

Portland Japanese Garden (Links to an external site.)

San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden

Part 2

People v. Taylor (2004). The defendant shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, who was three months pregnant. The defendant did not know she was pregnant, nor was it obvious from her appearance. An appeals court reversed the jury’s guilty verdict of second-degree murder of the fetus, and the prosecution appealed to the California Supreme Court.

The governing statute is California Penal Code 187 (a), which states; “Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.” However, the same section allows for the legal termination of a fetus by abortion.

1. As a Justice on the California Supreme Court would you affirm the lower courts ruling or reverse and reinstate the conviction of second degree murder? Explain your answer.

2. Do you believe considering a fetus “viable” for criminal prosecution, but “not viable” for abortions is unfair to a criminal defendant? Why or why not, explain your answer.

Part 3

Answer the questions below from the textbook or/and other sources. Ensure to utilizing the formatting examples provided. Your responses to these questions should be typed, 12 point font, with your response for each question no longer than 150 words in length. Double-spacing requirements apply, and you must cite any sources used in your responses.

1..Kurt robs a convenience store at gunpoint. As the cashier hands him money out of the cash register, Kurt hears a siren and runs outside, stuffing the money in his pockets. He sees a dark alley and dashes into it. While he crouches there waiting for the police to leave, a homeless person living in the alley taps him on the shoulder. Startled, Kurt spins around and shoots killing the homeless person. Is this felony murder? Explain your answer.

2. Johnnie decides he wants to kill Marcus, the leader of a rival gang. Johnnie knows that Marcus always hangs out in front of the gas station on Friday nights. Johnnie puts his gun in the glove compartment of his car and drives to the gas station on a Friday night. He sees Marcus standing out front. He slowly drives by, takes aim, and shoots Marcus from the car, killing him. Is this be first-degree murder? Explain your answer.

Please separate sources.