art assignment 16

Imagine that you are an artist and a wealthy patron has hired you to create a monument or memorial of your own design. Structures should be dedicated to a cause or person of meaning to you, so it’s important to reflect that through creative decisions. Discuss your design as an in-depth formal analysis, giving your reader a clear understanding of your vision. What architectural techniques will support the meaning of your design, in addition to the roof?

Essays must:

1.) Describe the architectural influence that (at least) one culture (Ancient Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc.) has had on your design. Be specific. (15 points)

2.) Address a minimum of 6 architectural terms discussed in Chapter 14.

3.) Address a minimum of 4 terms introduced in Chapters 16 & 17. (50 points)

*Vocabulary must derive from Vocabulary lists.

*Vocabulary should be highlighted in bold font.

4.) Identify the media and the reason(s) you selected these materials as the monument’s form. (10 points)

5.) Discuss how unique or symbolic features reflect the purpose of the monument. (15 points)

6.) Meet the minimum requirement of 500 words.

* The last requirement of this assignment involves responding to a classmate’s post in a meaningful way. (10 points)

Deadline: 11/25/2019