art research paper 8

Directions for the Research Paper.

· FORMAT: This is to be a standard college level research paper. The length of the paper should be approximately 1500 words or more of text excluding the citations or bibliography. Sources must be from peer reviewed articles or books found at the Taft College Library site and the Research Posting assignments will give you experience in using those online databases. The citations must follow the MLA style. Once you submit the paper through our Canvas Assignment ares, Canvas will sent the paper to to be evaluated for originality.

· You are to choose one of the suggested pairs, or suggest a different pair following the model of using two works from different cultures/religious traditions in the Suggested Pairs below. SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM

· You will compare and contrast considering those 5 questions asked by Art Historians which are explained in the Introductory Chapter of the text book. As you write your paper you should include discussions about those aspects of formal analysis of a work of art/architecture also discussed in the introductory chapter.

When and where the work was created and if the work is typical of the dominate style at that time.

The materials and technique used to create the work of art,

The content or subject of the work of art and any iconography included in the work.

Who commissioned the work, or if the artist/architect created the work without a patron.

Any influences on the artist/architect which makes this a unique or noteworthy piece.

This research assignment must follow the MLA Style complete with citations in the body of the paper and a list of works cited at the end.

1500 – 2000 words.

Suggested Pairs


Column 1

Column 2

Architecture Pair A

Dome of the Rock 10-2

Great Stupa, Sanchi India 15-7

Pair B

Dome of the Rock 10-2

Foguang Si Pagoda 16-22

Pair C

Angkor Wat15 32

IseJingu, Ise, Mie Prefecture17-6

Pair D

Goupras of Great Temple, Maduari, India 32-8

Hall of Supreme Harmony, Forbidden City, 33-6


Pair E

Wangshi Yuan, Suzhou 33-10

Karesansui garden, Ryoanji, Kyoto, 34-2A

Painting Pair F

Funneral Banner, 16-1

Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace,


Pair G

Basawan and Charti Muni, Akbar and the Elephant, 32-4

Ma Yuan, On a Mountain Oath in Spring 16-23

Pair H

Krishna and Radha in a Pavilion 32-7

Takahashi Yuichi, Oiran 34-14

Sculpture Pair I

Boar Avatar of Vishnu Rescues the Earth, 15-16

Towers 0f the
Banyon, Angor, Thom 15-34