article analysis to flaneuse


For this assignment, you will need to find a scholarly source on any one of our course readings. This will typically be a peer-reviewed article published in an academic journal. You will then provide a half-page summary and another half-page analysis of your source (double-spaced).

The purpose of this assignment is to further familiarize you with conducting a scholarly research, allow you to engage with academic writing, and to prepare you for the final paper assignment.

The journal article that you write on is up to you; assumingly, you will choose something that interests you and/or that you could potentially use in your final paper. Some useful databases for literature are: JSTOR, Project Muse, and MLA Bibliography (accessible through the library’s website).

After you carefully read the source, you will provide a half page (double-spaced) summary of the author’s main point(s). In this section, your goal is to clearly communicate the main argument(s) and to show understanding of the nuances of academic writing.

Then, you will provide a half-page (double-spaced) analysis of the source. This means that you will evaluate the argument(s) and comment on what level you agree or disagree with it, whether it introduces a new reading of the text, gives insight into the literature, makes a good point but isflawed etc. Keep in mind, that this will (most likely) not be an agree/disagree opinion essay, but rather a sophisticated response based on your reading of the text(s) at hand. (As you review the article, note the date of publication; is it a recent one? This might influence your judgment of it.)