asia discussion

Navigate to

and search for the summary report on the prospects for infrastructure

spending, increases in public sector wages, or other indicators of

economic growth in South Asia. How do countries in the region differ in

their prospects and strategies for joining the new South Asian economy?

What constraints do India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka face? How

do these strategies take into consideration and compare with the

everyday livelihood strategies of the people you saw in the documentary,

Is Small Still Beautiful?

Mini essays

  • Submit the required entries on time.
  • Engage with each aspect of the prompt in your mini essay
  • Demonstrate you have done the readings by providing examples and/or quotations from the readings
  • Did you cite sources of information?
  • Did your writing show thought and effort?
  • During (or at the end of) your discussion develop at least three well-conceived, well-articulated, and non-rhetorical questions pertaining to the readings. These questions can be broad in scope, meaning you may query a particular theme across the readings, or quite specific, you may have questions about a certain passage or argument in one text.