Assault in Medical Settings Discussion


>Assignment should follow the Sample provided

>Assignment should have two paragraphs followed by a narrative which detail discussing assault and battery in a medical setting.

>Two “external authoritative sources” each source substantively and properly cited in each narrative paragraph using Proper APA Style.

Very important, Each reference should follow each narrative paragraph.

>And 1 complete links to each of the “external authoritative sources” leading to the full article. The link placed at the end of each reference. Each link to the full article for each source is required to immediately following the reference.

> Points will be lost if the reference(s) for the first source does not follow the brief paragraph narrative substantively citing the first source along with the link. Then the second source narrative shall be presented also with proper citation(s), reference and link. Use Proper APA Styles for citation and References.

>Please make sure that sources are External Authoritative Sources.

Very important: External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this assignment shall mean: articles from published books, peer reviewed journal articles at least have 1 author, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) provided, however the article selected must have: Authors name and In text citations and references to support statements made there in. Make sure the references are complete with journal information for articles and book publishing information for books.

Very important: Under no circumstances are newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions, definition of terms, “dot com” sites, and the text books from the course or other courses to be used. The foregoing are not considered authoritative external sources for this assignment. A source cannot be referenced unless it was cited in the narrative paragraph.

> I see on the sample that the professor come up with a quote or a question before starting the narrative can you come up with 1 to for each narrative.