assignment 4 email marketing

Each individual needs to upload an electronic version of your assignment on Blackboard by the time the assignment is due. See course syllabus for grading on late assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to practice one of the most cost-effective digital marketing techniques—email marketing. Email marketing is the consumers’ most preferred method of receiving commercial message from companies, and effective email marketing is one of the highest ROI activities a company can undertake. Specific Tasks: Each individual will evaluate the effectiveness of existing email marketing activities, and design and implement new email marketing activity. Please write a 1-2 pages written report on the following tasks. 1. Please go to your email inbox and choose two of the email marketing messages that you have received: one good one and one bad one. Please attach the actual email messages and discuss why the good one is good, and the bad one is not as good. 2. Please design an email marketing message for an organization of your choice. Please design the subject line, as well as the email content, and attach your design to your assignment. Please discuss the rationales for your email marketing design. Format and grading: The written report must be written in WORD and follow these requirements: – A cover page that includes the course title and your name. – Use 12pt Times New Roman font with 1” margins all around. The report must be doublespaced with clear section headings. – At the end of the report, provide a list of references for the key information that you are presenting so that I can access the original source materials. Grading on written report is based on the relevance and quality of the information gathered, and the quality of your analysis and discussion. The format of the report (see specific requirements above) and the clarity and style of the report also affect grading. This is a professional document, so write clearly in a structured manner.