assignment 6 listening to jazz

Listen to the following Jazz recording and write your observations and critique of the performance.  Your writing should be at least 2 paragraphs.  FYI: Coleman Hawkins plays first, Charlie Parker is 2nd. TEXT

Listening Instructions:

Listen to the first song on the video. (beginning till 2:42)

Listen with high quality headphones or Hi-fi stereo system.  Ear buds would be the next best thing.  Do NOT listen using laptop or cell phone speakers.  These are not high quality enough to hear the full range of the music

Listen to the recording at least 3 times.  The first time you listen, you will just get an overview of the song.  The 2nd time, take notes on anything you notice.  The 3rd listen you will notice new things that you can write about

Writing Instruction

  • How did the music make you feel?  What did you think about?
  • Compare the 2 different saxophonists, Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker. How were their styles of improvisation different.  Be descriptive. Who’s playing did you think was better and WHY?