assignment due 1

Find a Youtube video of a speech—NOT a scene from a movie, NOT from a politician/or someone running for office; NOT an audio file; NOT a TED Talk; find one where someone is in the same room with people/audience; one from a corporate presentation, conference, gathering, a commencement, etc.–and give a 150-word minimum post on why you chose that speech? MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE LINK. What do you think the person did well? What do you think s/he could have done better? Write why, or why not? What elements did you like? What elements didn’t you like? Do you think it was genuine? Explain. Again, post the video link. Do not choose one that has already been spoken about.

150-word minimum post AND 75-minimum word response to more than three classmates. The more replies you give the more points given. Don’t be afraid to disagree. Remember, this is for a grade. Please do not leave all of your post and replies for the last minute as posts will be deducted. Please post throughout the week. This makes for a much better discussi