assignment homework 6

1. Test Taking Assignment :

Read Chapter 6: Tests . Complete Journal Entry 12 (page 140) . Complete Journal Entry 13 (page 140). Type your responses and submit one document that includes both journal 12 and 13

Test Taking Journal 12 and 13.pdf

2. Research career information and complete the career research assignment. See attached document for assignment.

Career Research Assignment.docx

Career Research Assignment.pdf

3. Pick one of the exercises described in this attachment and practice it at least 4 times during the week – record your happiness and stress levels before and after and write a brief reflection at the end of the week reflecting on the effectiveness of this technique for you. Did your happiness or stress levels change as a result of the activity? Did they change over the course of the week? Responses should be roughly 2 pages, showing evidence of depth of thought and critical reflection.

Note : Every question separate ..