at least 700 words due in 22 hours please answer them separately


Sardar, Ziauddin and Merryl Wyn Davies. No-Nonsense Guide to Islam. New Int. (2007)


Sardar and Davies. The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam

Chapter 8 Contemporary Issues

Hunter. Islam, Europe Second Religion

Chapter 12 Muslim Youth in Europe by Peter Mandaville

Conclusions and Outlook for European Islam & Afterword (pp 271-279)

Kenan Malik. The Failure of Multiculturalism (pdf) or Online


Sajan Decoding Europe’s Homegrown Terrorism

Musawah – ‘equality’ in Arabic – is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family.

Erasmus/Economist – Anglophones and Francophones still approach Islam differently

WRITTEN Blog Post #12: Based on your readings this week discuss the following statements/questions for the 800 words assignment and make sure you refer to the readings. Please identify each answer by using the prompts a), b), etc. and make sure your answers go into depth.

  • What struggles are unique to Muslim youth in Europe? In what forms does Muslim youth identity manifest itself in Europe? What role does discrimination play in the formation of Muslim youth identities?
  • Compare and contrast the following patterns of Muslim-European interaction: assimilation, communitarianism, or new modes of integration. What does the reality look like, especially for the youth? Discuss.
  • What is the diversity myth discussed by Malik? How does assimilation differ from multiculturalism? Give examples. What solutions does Malik propose to overcome the failure of multiculturalism?
  • What is the gist of Sajan’s article? Do you agree or have other examples that back up his argument?

Please reflect on the following statements/questions. You need to take notes and bring them to class.

  • Describe the historic foundation of the current fundamentalist “jihadi” movement.
  • What is sharia law? What are the main concerns of puritan fundamentalists when it comes to Islamic law?
  • Do you think Islamic law has always been consumed with “punishment?” What changed?
  • What is the musawah organization about? What are some of their key messages? What is your assessment of this association?
  • What do you think about the differences between the way the French and the Americans address Islam? Do you agree with the Economist article’s assessment?