Avoiding the Emotional Hijack

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Naming our feelings can help us manage stressful or upsetting situations, but sometimes emotions hit us out of nowhere, and we get surprisingly strong reactions to situations in day-to-day life. This section introduces the idea of the amygdala hijack and provides some suggestions for dealing with it.


The Amygdala Hijack and the Fight or Flight Response (Links to an external site.) explains in more detail how the amygdala, a part of our brain designed to protect us from threats, can sometimes lead to intense, out-of-proportion emotional reactions to the situations we encounter in day to day life, —a.k.a losing it.


In the video below, Kirsten Johnson explains how strategies such as mindfulness can help us to create a pause between stimuli and automatic reactions, which can help us to avoid the amygdala hijack.

Amygdala Hijack & Emotional Intelligence (Links to an external site.)Amygdala Hijack & Emotional Intelligence