bacillus subtilis report


Use the rubric and statements below to determine what should be on your report:

  1. Unknown lab report Must Be Typed

  2. Submitted as a .doc, docx, or .pdf file under Unknown Lab Assignment on Canvas.

  3. One to two page. Single spaced. Correct grammar and sentence structure.

  4. Should include the following:

1. Make sure to include your unknown number at the top of your report.

2. A data chart indicating all your observations and your specific results for the Gram stain, cell morphology/arrangement. phenol red broth tube results, and whether pigment was observed and if so what color. This must be produce by you, not directly copied from the unknown key!

2. Written discussion using paragraph form that includes the following (one paragraph each section):

A. State the name of the bacteria you have identified from the list as your unknown bacteria using proper binomial nomenclature. Describe the results obtained and any observations you made using full sentences. Also discuss any errors that may have occurred in your investigation and/or any inconsistencies where your results do not match with the expected. If there were no errors, what were some of the things you did well in the investigation and what could you have improved?

B. Discuss how you used your results and observations to determine which bacteria from the list you had as your unknown. Basically you should have a written “walk through” of how you determined which bacteria you had based on the results you obtained. If you had unexpected results, you should discuss how those results may have impaired your ability to determine which bacteria you had.

C. Write a few sentences regarding your organism by including details like additional characteristics of this bacteria, location of where that bacteria is commonly found, whether that bacteria causes infection to humans, and the type of infection it can cause.