Bainbridge College Literature Review Paper

Synthesizing in literature is to combine two or more concepts from literature to form a new
concept.  The literature review synthesis should present the findings from the literature matrix
provided in the prior week’s assignment.  The objective of the assignment is to enable you to
draw conclusions from the findings you found in the literature review that address your specific
PICO question.  To begin your synthesis of the literature, gather your literature and review the
literature matrix.  Begin with taking notes to describe, summarize, analyze and identify the key
concepts you have found.  You can then begin to synthesize your literature to form a whole new
concept.  To synthesize the literature, begin to compare and contrast, critically evaluate, interpret
the findings from the literature review so that you can form a new conclusion based on your

? What relationships among the research did you find?
? For each topic and subtopic, you outlined, determine what the articles have in common
and what is different. Are any different? How are they different? Do they contradict each
? What is the conclusion of each study? What relationships can you infer? Did any themes
? Draw a conclusion from the relationships you have identified about each topic and
subtopic in the outline.
? If you look at the overall relationship, what conclusion can you draw? What are the
overall themes and patterns?
After completing this assignment, you can begin to write your literature review.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.