Bainbridge College Picot Literature Review Worksheet

The purpose of creating a literature matrix for research is to help you organize your thoughts and
to begin the analysis and critique process. Publishing an article does not mean that it is
appropriate for your consideration in your particular discipline project. One needs to be able to
evaluate the published work based on the quality of the research design and on its relevant merit
for your question. The matrix is similar to a comprehensive note card and should contain the
basic information of the research. You are creating a shortcut version of the key elements of the
article to use in synthesizing the literature.
Items to include are outlined as follows:
1-2 pages in length utilizing the template
APA format
5 peer-reviewed citations
Acceptable sources
o Scholarly articles published within the last five years
Review the Literature Review: Part 1 – Matrix Template and complete the following:
1. Search the databases noted in the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome
(PICO) Assignment and locate 5 peer reviewed research articles that align with your
PICO question.
2. For each article fill in the banks in the template:
a. APA formatted citation
b. Purpose of the study
i. One short paragraph using complete sentences.
c. Level of Evidence
i. Identify the level and provide your rationale for choosing the level
d. Study Results
i. One short paragraph using complete sentences
e. Practice Implications with Biblical Integration
i. One short paragraph using complete sentences
ii. Suggesting how the article impacts the problem stated in the PICO
Question and incorporates Biblical verse
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.