balance sheet amp cashflow

Assignment Steps

Create a balance sheet by doing the following:

  • Conduct an internet search, use one from an assignment, or use an example located in the textbook and locate a balance sheet.
  • Review and discuss in 350 words the assets, liabilities and stockholder’s equity items found on the balance sheet.
  • Create a balance sheet using the account names and balances below. Make assumptions about the dollar values of each account so that the balance sheet balances. Remember that assets will equal liabilities plus stockholders’ equity
  • Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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    Cash 32,800

    Accounts Payable 49,000

    Property and equipment 98,000

    Marketable Securities3,000

    Common Stock10,000

    Prepaid Rent 1,000


    Accounts Receivable 300

    Long Term Debt99,500

    Retained Earnings11,950

    Current Portion of Long Term Debt4,450


    Dr. Ahmed

    Accumulated Depreciation 2,000