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Wk 5 – Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement [due Mon]         


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 Resource: Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Grading GuidePurpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is for students to initiate and complete a comprehensive financial plan. The ultimate result will be a set of pro forma financial statements including an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. The student will develop requisite assumptions about the dollar values to be budgeted. Assignment Steps Again, we have an issue with Week 5 Assignment. I am so sorry about this. I will be referring these issues to the University.   Let’s change the instructions to as follows:FILLER TEXTAssignment Steps Create a balance sheet by doing the following:FILLER TEXT

Conduct an internet search or use a balance sheet from an assignment, or use an example of a balance sheet located in the textbook and locate a balance sheet.

Review and discuss in 350 words the assets, liabilities and stockholder’s equity items found on the balance sheet.

Create a balance sheet using the account names and balances below. Make assumptions about the dollar values of each account so that the balance sheet balances. Remember that assets will equal liabilities plus stockholders’ equity

Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.FILLER TEXTClick the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.FILLER TEXTCash                                                            32,800                       FILLER TEXTAccounts Payable                                         49,000                       FILLER TEXTProperty and equipment                             98,000FILLER TEXTMarketable Securities                                  3,000  FILLER TEXTCommon Stock                                             10,000FILLER TEXTPrepaid Rent                                                1,000                          FILLER TEXTInventories                                                    39,800            FILLER TEXTAccounts Receivable                                   300                                                     FILLER TEXTLong Term Debt                                            99,500FILLER TEXTRetained Earnings                                         11,950FILLER TEXTCurrent Portion of Long Term Debt              4,450FILLER TEXTGoodwill                                                         2,000 

  1. Accumulated Depreciation                               2,000

Format essay part of assignment consistent with APA guidelines.FILLER TEXTSubmit your assignment.Resources

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