base on the pdf finish the assignment

First, wet the back of the HR monitor with water or gel. Place it firmly against your wrist. Press the buttons on your watch with your index finger and middle finger. HR will flash and then show you a number. This is your heart rate.

Using the heart rate monitor, run 1⁄2 of a lap (200m) at your Recovery Zone. During the next 1⁄2 lap (400m), run in your calculated Aerobic Zone. At the beginning of lap 2 (600m), run in your Anaerobic Zone for 1⁄2 lap. Finally, run in your Red Line Zone for the last 1⁄2 lap (800m).

When finished, clean the back of the heart rate monitor with a sani wipe. Then, give the HR monitor it to the next person in your group, and have them work in their training zones.