basic research on specific company 1


I want you to write a basic research on this company: Bridge International Academies of 15 pages including annexes and only 1 to 2 pages of bibliography.

Thus, the research should be based on information included in the firm’s website, public news, online articles, and/or videos. Use the following resources:

§ Company’s website:

The paper should highlights the following:


Students will conduct research, engage in analysis, and provide an assessment targeting the following aspects:

1. Provide an overview of the target population and actual customers (balancing economic, social, and cultural aspects)

2. Describe the operational model (identifying value chain activities vis-à-vis cost-effectiveness, differentiation, and scalability)

3. Highlight the role of the headquarters and the delivery center

4. A synthesis section where students explain the learning / take aways achieved through this project.

5. List of stakeholders involved in the entrepreneurial systems, statistics, interview questionnaires, and other relevant (tables, charts, conceptual maps, etc.)


Understand how successful firms create economic and social value under challenging institutional conditions operating at the Bottom of the Pyramid

** Double-space, 12 font, times new roman.