Belhaven University End of The European Era Research Paper

  • A common way of understanding the Twentieth Century is to interpret
    the period as the gradual unraveling of European hegemony. At the start
    of the century, European states dominated the globe with unprecedented
    power; by the end of the century, the most powerful states on the globe
    were no longer European. Trace this “end of the European era” by
    demonstrating: a) how and why European states lost their position of
    dominance; b) what states – if any – have filled this vacuum, and how
    they did so; c) what impact these developments have had on other areas
    of the globe; and d) how this transition might affect the understanding,
    teaching, and spread of Christianity.
  • Requirements:
    • 750 words minimum
    • APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages
    • Minimum of five scholarly references
    • Minimum of four references to documents from the Perry reader
  • Be sure that you response to criteria c) – equals at least 150-200 words and includes the following three sections:
    1) Christian worldview regarding the course;
    2) biblical passages related to the course; and
    3) comparison of secular and Christian perspectives related to the course.