biblical research

Students will address a theological topic in our contemporary culture. They

will utilize their biblical research and the documents of the Second Vatican Council in order to

evaluate a theological position. Students will discuss the theological approach of the Catholic

Church and then offer their own assessment of the topic.

I have attached the previous research that you use to complete this finial paper.

1.Utilize the findings of biblical research, being sure to reference at least two scripture passages

and one biblical commentary (from the list of commentaries used on the Bible Interpretation


2. Consider a contemporary article (academic or popular magazine article that addresses a

Christian viewpoint on your topic). This should be a published article that gives a Christian

viewpoint and utilizes biblical sources and modern thinking.

3. Give at least one reference to the documents of the Second Vatican Council and explain how a

proper view on your topic requires both a “return to the sources” and an “updating” for the

modern Christian life.

You don’t have to start the research over, you can make some adjustment and add additional info.