bio 100 short answer medical terminology math discussion 12

Medical Terminology class:

Watch the video below from the American Medical Association. Share your observations. What lessons can we learn from this video that can help us in our future careers?

Math class:

Make 4 separate post.

Our final discussion is a reflection: As each generation is responsible for leaving a contribution for the next generation, in a two paragraph response, please respond to the following:

  • What would you like an incoming DMS student to know before taking this math class?
  • What was your favorite discussion this term?
  • What is one thing that I can improve on as your professor?
  • What is one thing you are taking with you from this class?

This is my favorite discussion in this term. Here is my answer, you just need summary it:

In my first 100 years, I would invest in myself and do whatever I like. It is this first 100 years that I will identify my potential and builds it. For instance, I will build my career and establish myself. Again, I will start dating because love, affection, and companion are essential, too, in my later years.

In my second phase of life (100-200 years), I will have made a foundation. I would be busy growing my investments and managing them properly as I continue to save. I would buy a house, build some apartments, and invest too much on my health. I will then invest and spend much time with my family and assisting my children in growing themselves. This is because this is the time that I have time, energy, and resources to ensure that I give my goals fuel to propel them.

In my last phase (200-300 years), I will have accomplished almost everything in my life. At this point, I will spend much time with my spouse, children, and grandchildren. I will do what I used to like in my 200 years and visit exciting places. Again, I will be helping people to realize themselves, especially the vulnerable. Most importantly, I will be keen on my health and diet to live comfortably and die a comfortable death.

Make 4 separate post.
1. What was your favorite part of the class? (I will upload this class some chapter ppt, and you choose favorite part)

2. Least favorite part? (I will upload this class some chapter ppt, and you choose least part)

3. Did you discover any new study techniques?

4. How will you become even more efficient as the courses get harder?

Answer 1,2,3 total 2 pages.