bio201 mod7 discussion forum 250 300 words apa cited reference

Please respond to the discussion in at least 250-300 words and APA Cited reference

I have attempted to attach my outline to my chosen topic. If not I will attach after a tutor has been selected.

Chapter 8 of Public Health Ethics is an excellent resource for helping us think globally about public health challenges. Two important questions to consider are:

  • Where have we been as far as public health is concerned?
  • Where are we headed next?



Module 7: Discussion Forum

Consider the public health issue you selected for your course project using the framework of Chapter 8 in Public Health Ethics. As you think about your issue from a global perspective, what aspects of it have the most influence beyond your community and have implications for the global community? Think in terms of lifestyle, population dynamics, disease, climate change, and disaster response.

  • With a focus on the entire planet, why does your topic matter?
  • If you were to select a global public health issue to focus on, rather than a community public health issue, which one would you be most interested in and why?
  • What do you think is the most pressing global public health issue we will be facing 50 years from today and why?