biology of aging 5

You are to interview someone over the age of 65 and write up the interview and your perspective on the interview. This paper should be 4-6 pages in length (double spaced) and at a minimum should cover the following…

  • A brief background of the person’s life (where they were born, grew up, etc…)
  • Family history (this may include historical as well as medical information)
  • How they believe they have managed to age successfully.
  • Any ongoing and past health conditions that may be related to their age (only if they are comfortable with sharing that).
  • How their outlook on life has changed with age.
  • How they see young people today as opposed to when they were young.
  • What you learned from this interview (based upon what you have learned in this class).

It is likely that such an interview can go in many directions and please don’t be afraid to explore other questions or to even just listen to what they have to say. Above all, please be respectful to the views and ideas you are being presented with.